After using Vomega for a week I haven't felt the chest pain thereafter.

I am Antony D Parackal, formely professor of Commerce at Bharata Matha College, Thrikkakara, Cochin – 21 and currently 63 years of age. I am active as I work as self employed in own business, with regular travel assignments. I am a diabetic for the 25 years and using insulin for 20 years, and currently on regular dosage of 32 units in the morning and 20 units at night.

But in spite of regular habits and walking for an hour, I feel a pain in the chest frequently without any special efforts. I consulted a cardiologist and ruled out any heart relaxed issues after investigation. But this was a worry in my mind whenever I experience pain.

I came across Vomega, an equivalent of Omega-3 fish oil. The product contents are certified by NAF, a NABL accredited laboratory and contains ALA, EPA and DHA. These can be absorbed by the body directly unlike fish oil. This is supposed to clear cardiovascular system and sought the opinion of my doctor. he opined that it won't do any harm and is safe to use.

After using Vomega for a week I haven't felt the chest pain thereafter. I am advised to use Vomega continuously. I have issued this letter to the benefit of others, especially vegans who cannot use Omega 3 fish oil, who may have similar complains.

I have given my written permission to M/s. Herbal Science Trust, developer of the product and Francis Biogenic Pharmaceuticals who are currently manufacturing the product, to publish in their website. Anyone desirous of contacting me, may kindly call during office hours.

Antony D Parackal, Professor (Retd.)

Parackal House, Chengal, Kalady P.O., Kerala – 683 574

Email: adparackal@gmail.com

Tel. 0484 2464127 | Off. 2621202

I am perfectly fit after using Vomega

I was experiencing continuous back pain for 2 years. An operation was recommended to rectify the deformity/growth.

By consuming Vomega for 9 months, I am perfectly fit even to cycle 5 Kms in one stretch.

I was experiencing severe back pain at the age of 24 while pursuing a BBA course (September 2019). I consulted an orthopedics surgeon on the advice of a doctor whom I consulted for back pain. Orthopedician advised me to undergo an MRI – LUMBO-SACRAL SPINE WITH WHOLE SPINE SCREENING

MRI revealed

"Mild scoliosis of lumbar spine with convexity towards left,

Mild posterior disc bulge causing ventral thermal sac compression, left lateral recess.mild narrowing causing impingement of exiting nerve roots noted at L4-L5 level".

I was advised to undergo surgery and was explained the expected benefits and remote chances of risks involved, post surgery. Considering my age, I preferred to try other alternatives like food supplements and exercises.

I had heard about a Vomega, a more effective substitute for Omega -3 fish oil, having directly absorbing molecules. On studying the brochure, I understood that the product being aqua based, absorption is immediate.

I was taking 3 drops of Vomega in the empty stomach and within a few days,I started feeling the difference. I continued to use it for 15 months and I am writing this, 22 months after my diagnosis as I am fully fit for the last 16 months.

I am giving my unconditional consent to you or legal successors to publish this letter along with MRI report in any media including print and visuals.

Thanks and regards,

Praveen M. Kumar

24 years old

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